Our Range

Every Kirton chair has been designed to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Our designs have been informed by Occupational Therapists and other healthcare professionals to ensure that functionality provides postural support, pressure relief and comfort.

Peace of mind is assured when providing a Kirton chair to our customers and our retailers.

Why Choose Us?

It’s simple…

We are the market leaders in the provision of specialist comfort seating for those with complex postural and pressure management needs.

We have been designing postural seating since 1980; we are at the forefront of current research and development; we have a clear appreciation of all our customers – users of our products, healthcare professionals, carers and indeed retailers.

We will provide a fully integrated service to confidently deliver our seating portfolio to you.

We want to share our business approach and work with likeminded organisations.

We want to work collaboratively to ensure the very best care is provided in the most cost effective manner.


It’s simple, we care!


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